A woman who has spent her life on clothes

小谷朋子さん 記事

DEBUT SHOWCASE:  “My Standard Lesson”【Ginza,japan/Sato】

“Why did you buy clothes so much?” Do you ever have such a miserable expression?

Ms. Kotani, who is introduced this time, has nothing to do with this. Born in Kansai, “the Consumer Girl” is a stylist, in charge of clothing instructors and material supervision at department stores and events. Using the closet in her head, which she has spent making her life, she teaches customers how to dress personally using her own method. She chooses happily with good tempo.

Tomoko Kotani(Her nickname is ”Kotanyan” )
40 years old. Worked for 15 years as a salesperson at a luxury brand, a famous select shop. I love clothes, cosmetics and shopping. Leveraging the experience of serving more than 36,000 customers, draw out the appeal of customers. Use “Face Type Diagnosis”, “Skeletal Diagnosis”, and “Personal Color Diagnosis” to find “Your World you want to stage up” and forcibly update from the appearance. I am involved in department stores as an event instructor and supervisor of materials.

I wanted my mother to choose clothes

Ms Kotani has always spent the money he worked on clothes. The cause is a wish to the mother who died when he was young.
”I lost my mother early and my wish to “choose clothes” was floating. On holiday, my father took me outside. But my father didn’t know how to choose my daughter’s clothes. My father often bought “adult clothes” at department stores. But those clothes didn’t suit me. Eventually, I started thinking about what to wear, and something like a research mind on clothes was born. That experience is making me now.”

When she was a student, she studied every day to find “clothes that look good on herself, clothes that look attractive to herself”. She wanted to wear clothes that weren’t on the market, so she bought mainly at select shops.

 I noticed spending clothes to buy a house

She loves clothes

She has spent most of her salary on clothes for the last 20 years

She graduated from school and worked for an apparel manufacturer. She was inspired by her co-workers and bought a lot of clothes.

“Salespeople can buy clothes as a company discount. And everyone loves their products.” Well, can I buy such a good item with a 30% discount? ! “I bought it while shouting. So my salary was almost gone. I didn’t want to lose to my colleague, I longed for my colleague, I bought the same clothes and wore it. Unfortunately, it does n’t look good to me. ” Already scattered! Thanks to that, I was thinking a lot about “why it doesn’t suit me”, and the closet in my head was full of clothes.

She spent all day watching her clothes on holidays. And she has the ability to never forget the clothes she has seen. He seems to remember everything about where and what clothes are sold.

“When I went shopping with my friend for a day, I sometimes don’t remember what clothes were good for me. It’s no wonder to me.”

From “My clothes picker” to “Others’ picker ”

I have noticed the depth and fun of clothes in my life. And then, I started an original service called “My Standard Lesson” that gives customers advice on how to choose clothes.

Using tens of thousands of closets in her head, she takes care of clothing selection and guidance.

I found a lot of money. Clothing can be shown to others by looking at the individual’s way of life and social attributes. So I am very happy when I found some nice clothes.


 I’m not choosing clothes. I’m choosing life

1.Clothing can visually convey individual social attributes to others

Is your doctor wearing a lab coat? Construction workers are working clothes and salesmen are suits. The pilot is wearing a uniform. And even if Ashiya Madame wears tattered clothes, she can’t enter the Ashiya community. “Clothes express status”. It is always important to be aware that personal attributes are communicated to the other party, depending on which clothing you choose. But even if you are not in a special position, you can be in the form you want to be. For that, you just need preparation and customization.

2.Appearance is inside

 It ’s a waste to casually choose clothes! Will you wear clothes every day? Maybe you will say “yes”But I want you to cherish it because it’s everyday .

I think. That neglecting clothes is the same as neglecting yourself

Again, it’s a waste!

3. Are you dreaming of your ideals? Do you have your own desires?

I think. There is a lot of information now. Using them makes self-production easy!

Appearance does not matter.

If you want, you can get the life you want.

If your wish is something that won’t hurt anyone, I’d love it.

I want to support women who can’t move forward.
Because I love clothes.
And I know that a woman dressed very well is really beautiful.

I am real me now. I can say that with all my heart./Tomoko Kotani

“You can wear any clothes.It’s ridiculous to assume that it doesn’t look good
It was an article about “Kotanyan” that is hot on CUTE.

I had decided,”My favorite clothes do n’t look good”But it was different.I can wear whatever clothes I like.If it doesn’t suit me,
I can get help.